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Obituary for Valee Jeremy Zachariah Quachegan

Words from Family

A son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend, teammate, hunting partner and so much more. Valee was a gift in this life and will continue to be. Gentle, kind and with a spirit like no other. His parents Greg and Robin Quachegan, along with sisters Tehya and Meadow will miss him more than words can describe. This also includes his puppies Newt and Limbo, who he loved like children along with who he described as his “twin flame”. He had so much love in him, and we all feel blessed to have had him in our lives. We are just some of many who will miss Valee.

We are overwhelmed with the kindness and support that has circled us. There is so much love and we continue to learn just how many lives Valee touched. Love is what will get us through this. We are so incredibly grateful to have had him with us for this long and for the memories he gave us. Through all of this we are remembering the good in Valee. There was so much good. He was our gentle giant, and he will continue to look after us in Spirit World. Even though he has left us physically and we will miss that presence, we will always cherish his spirit that lives on.

Be kind. Love one another. Always check in on each other.

Gitchi Meegwetch,

The Quachegan family